The June 30th deadlines were met with mixed actions.  Many countries extended their movement restrictions but a few others eased them.

Thailand reopened it’s borders as of July 1, permitting some foreign nationals to enter as well as short-term business travelers from select countries.  Malaysia is now accepting new visa applications and is relaxing some border requirements.  As more moment is possible, we continue to see fees to travelers for testing and quarantine, serious penalties for breaking quarantine and increasing use of required mobile apps for contact tracing.  These tracking apps are frequently required to be scanned at various locations including grocery and retail establishments, public buildings and transportation.

With the relaxation of lockdowns and easing border crossings, we have gotten a good amount of experience delivering services under these new circumstances.  Requirements change daily, but there are distinct themes impacting the assignee experience either in one country or across multiple ones.  To share what we’ve learned so far, we have published the first in a three-part blog series titled: Challenges to the Assignee Experience.  Part I looks at the assignee experience during the first two steps of the destination service delivery process, Pre-Arrival and Arrival.

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