Vaccinations Begin in Asia

China and India have already delivered several million doses of vaccine.  Indonesia and Singapore have been inoculating their citizens for the past few weeks, while Myanmar began vaccinating healthcare workers this week.  It is a logistically difficult task and, like much of the rest of the world, progress is slow to arrive.

Countries remain reliant on the familiar non-medical interventions to protect lives and control outbreaks.

Taiwan has added 7 days of self-monitoring following completion of the quarantine period.  Both Myanmar and Indonesia have extended their travel bans on most foreigners through the end of February and to 8 February respectively.  Hong Kong has extended measures through 3 February.

China has implemented movement controls, testing requirements and lockdowns in several locations across the country including Shanghai and most notably, Beijing.  Until 15 March, travelers to Beijing with recent stays in any medium or high-risk locations within mainland China will be banned from entering.  Arrivals from low-risk locations and Hong Kong must now produce a negative nucleic acid test taken within 7 days of arrival.

You can download a copy of this report here.

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