New Virus Variations Create More Changes

Since the discovery of new variants in the UK and South Africa over the New Year holidays, a new strain has been identified in Brazil and potentially in the US state of Ohio. Countries in Asia and around the world have responded by revising travel restrictions, arrival processes and quarantine protocols.

Japan has declared a state of emergency and banned the arrival of all new foreigners at least through 7 February.  India has outline stricter quarantine and testing protocols for UK arrivals with slight differences between each state.  Hong Kong has extended it ban on flights from the UK and South Africa and the Philippines continues to add countries to its banned list.  It is likely that we will see additional changes accompany the verification of new identified strains.

Our revised service map has changed little, but we have added a third category where services are ongoing, but adjusted.  The restriction of only 2 people in public has caused some adjustment to services in Hong Kong.  Likewise in Japan, services are ongoing but could be adjusted due to local measures.  India is service delivery as normal outside of containment areas.  Only three countries have suspended in-person service delivery.

In promising news, the year is already off to a fast start and our team is busy assisting new assignments.

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