The number of new Covid-19 cases showed some promising downturns, although overall numbers remain high.  The extensive social distancing measures appear to at least be having the desired impact and we hold out hope for continued progress in all areas around the world.  In Asia, the recent spike that has prompted many of our 17 countries to close borders and shutter non-essential services is when compared to other regions of the world, relatively low.

The rapid pace of implementation of measures to contain the virus in Asia has slowed.  As such, we will likely move to a weekly email starting next week.  We will continue to notify immediately our clients with any change that directly impacts an assignee and we will continue to post updates as they arrive on our blog.

We have put together a handbook regarding support services to assist with pandemic-specific challenges.  You may view it here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please also feel free to reach out to us any time.  We know clients are unique and can have individual concerns.  Our teams are on the ground in all 17 of our countries and able to provide additional insights and support where needed.

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Press Release: RNA Group becomes ATMA Foundation Partner

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