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  • On this blog, we will place the latest  updates from our countries as we receive them
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April 6, 2020 Updates

THAILAND: Those whose visa has expired face a B500 fine per day to a maximum of B20,000.00 per person.  A 30-day emergency visa from Thai Immigration is required to avoid the fees.  A letter must be obtained from their Embassy.

THAILAND: All international arrivals are suspended through April 18th.

BRUNEI: Is now requiring all arriving travelers to undergo quarantine at designated facilities as of April 6.

April 2, 2020 Updates

THAILAND: All international schools have been closed and all destination services have been suspended.  Urgent immigration cases are still being managed when necessary.

April 1, 2020 Updates

INDONESIA: April 2, all foreign visitor arrivals or transit through the country will be banned. Exceptions include foreigners with work permits and diplomats.  Indonesian nationals will need to undergo stricter screening, although that has not been defined.  

JAPAN:  Japan will deny entry to foreign nationals travelling from a total of 73 countries and regions, or about a third of the world, expanding its ban to include the Americas and Africa to address the continued rise in global coronavirus infections. The new ban will be imposed from Friday and remain effective until the end of the month. Foreign nationals who have been in those parts of the world within 14 days of their arrival in Japan will be refused entry.

Australia, Britain, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, Morocco and the United States are among the 49 newly added countries and regions, along with most of Europe and many countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Japan will also broaden its ban to the whole of China and South Korea from selected areas of its two Asian neighbors hit by the new coronavirus outbreak. The government will ask Japanese nationals returning from the listed countries to undergo virus tests, while all incoming travelers will be requested to self-quarantine and refrain from using public transportation for 14 days, Abe said. The Foreign Ministry had already raised its travel advisory to Level 3 for the 49 countries and regions on Tuesday, which means that all travel should be avoided.


March 30, 2020 Updates

AUSTRALIA: Public gatherings, excluding household members has been reduced to a maximum of 2 people.  There are mandatory closures of all non-essential businesses and stay at home requirements in place except for essential shopping, medical care, exercising or travelling to work or education

CAMBODIA: Is expected to adopt a State of Emergency and we are awaiting the details.

INDONESIA: Is expected to adopt additional measures soon and an extension of the state of emergency is expected through April 19.

JAPAN: We are looking to confirm news reports that a new entry ban is coming soon and will impact those from the US, China and South Korea

VIETNAM: On the good news front, now resumed after a Temporary suspension: Temporary Residence card/long term visas for work purpose for foreign nationals already in Vietnam are being processed as normal again.

March 26, 2020 Updates

CHINA: Critical Alert: China bans entry of foreign nationals from March 28, curtails international flights from March 29. China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid to the time of this announcement, effective from 0 a.m., 28 march 2020. Entry by foreign nationals with APEC Business Travel Cards will be suspended as well.

KOREA: South Korea to require passengers from US to self-quarantine from March 27 over COVID-19 concerns. Measure in place for European arrivals.

March 25, 2020 Updates

AUSTRALIA: No school visits are possible, however we can still arrange virtual visits with registrars.

BRUNEI: All international schools are able to implement online learning and children are to stay at home until further notice.

HONG KONG:The following changes will be implemented March 25 and will remain in effect for at least 14 days. Hong Kong’s COVID-19 entry restrictions will be as follows: 

  •   –Non-Hong Kong residents traveling from overseas by plane will be denied entry.  
  • Non-Hong Kong residents traveling to Hong Kong from Mainland China, Macao and Taiwan will be denied entry if they have been to any overseas country or territory in the last 14 days.  
  • Transit services at Hong Kong International Airport will be suspended.  
  • Travelers coming from Mainland China, Macao and Taiwan will be subject to a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival in Hong Kong.  
  • Exemptions are available for spouses and minor children of Hong Kong residents, air crew, sea crew on goods vessels, government officials and personnel involved in fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The full list of exemptions is available here..  

TAIWAN:  Taiwan has banned foreign nationals from visiting the island starting Thursday March 19.  Exemptions will be granted to Alien Resident Certificate holders, personnel on diplomatic or official business, persons who can prove they are fulfilling commercial and  contractual obligations, and persons requiring special permission. The exempted foreign nationals listed in the previous paragraph must observe a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival.   

Foreign nationals who are eligible for visa-free entry or hold a visitor or resident visa and wish to enter Taiwan from March 19 must hold relevant documents to qualify for exempted status. These documents must be presented to the National Immigration Agency (NIA) personnel at the port of entry for approval. Those holding special entry permits issued by R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas missions, valid Alien Resident Certificates, or MOFA ID Cards will be allowed entry following inspection by NIA personnel. Foreign nationals unable to determine whether their documents meet the criteria for exempted status may visit an R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas mission prior to departure to apply for a special entry permit. 

March 24, 2020 Updates

BRUNEI:  Effective midnight 24 March 24th, the entry ban to Brunei and transit ban at Brunei International Airport has been extended to all countries except for citizens of Brunei. For clarity foreign nationals will not be allowed into Brunei and those foreign nationals that have previously been granted re-entry visas, travel visas, student visas and dependent visas who are still residing in their own country are to delay travel to Brunei.   In addition, all visitors arriving into Brunei, will be required to undergo a 14-day self-isolation period immediately at appointed monitoring centers or if specific criteria are met at home in accordance with the Infectious Diseases Act (204).  

KOREA:  Anyone from EU countries and entering Korea will move to a designated facility and undergo COVID-19 test (as of March 22).  (1) If COVID19 positive: The passengers will be transferred to a hospital and treated immediately. (2) If COVID19 negative 

  • Korean nationals or foreign nationals of long-term stay (more than 90 days) will be quarantined for 14 days at their residence. 
  •  Foreign nationals of short-term stay (less than 90 days) will be monitored by enhanced active quarantine for 14 days. 
  • All passengers from all countries must have an available phone number and mobile device for installing app. (as of Mar 19)
    Visa exemption entry applied to nationals of Japan will be suspended. (as of Mar 9) 
  •  All types of Korean visas issued by Consulate General in Japan before Mar 9, 2020 will be invalid.
  • The following passengers are not permitted to enter South Korea.  
  •  •  Chinese who have a passport issued by Hubei Province, anyone who has visited Hubei Province in the past 14 days. 
  • • Korea visa issued by Wuhan Consulate in Hubei province will be invalidated immediately. 
    • Visa exemption entry to JEJU Island will be temporarily suspended. 
    • Passengers who are not eligible for visa waiver of Korea are not permitted to transit in Korea if traveling from China.  

MYANMAR:   Effective 25 March 2020, 0000 hours (Myanmar Standard time)  

  • All incoming Myanmar nationals from any country will be subject to a 14day facility quarantine on their arrival in Myanmar.  
  • All foreign nationals travelling to Myanmar are required to present the laboratory evidence of absence of COVID-19 infection issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel before boarding any airline destined for Myanmar. will be subject to a 14-day facility quarantine on their arrival in Myanmar. 
  • All diplomats accredited to Myanmar and United Nations officials working in Myanmar are also required to present the laboratory evidence of absence of COVID-19 infection issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel before boarding any airline destined for Myanmar. They will be subject to home quarantine for 14-day on their arrival in Myanmar. 

SINGAPORE:  From 27 Mar, 0900hrs, all incoming travelers will have to submit a health declaration online. Travelersresidents and long-term pass holders included – will have to submit their declaration via the SG Arrival Card (SGAC) e-Service. Singaporeans are advised to defer all travel abroad immediately. 


Travel restrictions and Entry Bans: 

  • Temporary entry ban for all foreigners holding ordinary passports and valid Vietnamese visa (Category Business, dependent, visiting relatives) and Vietnamese origin nationals with 5 years/3 years visa waiver, effective from March 22,2020. Diplomatic passport holders and ordinary passport holders with Temporary Residence Card or longterm visa for work purpose, when entering Vietnam, must provide a mandatory health check-up and quarantined for 14 days in designated quarantine zone. 
  • Vietnam Airlines to suspend all International flights. All flights from South East Asian countries, China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, France, Russia, Malaysia, and Taiwan have already been suspended. Today March 23: flights from Japan and UK and on March 25, the last international flights from Germany and Australia will also be suspended. 
  • The Vietnamese PM ordered the suspension of all international flights to Vietnam amidst restricted entry into the country, but no timeline has been provided to date. 
  • Since March 22, Vietnam has required passengers on domestic flights to fill up mandatory health declaration forms before departure.  


  • Temporary suspension of Temporary Residence card/long term visas for work purpose for foreign nationals already in Vietnam. Instead a 1-3 months single entry stay stamp only will be granted until further notice.

March 23, 2020 Updates

INDIA:  The government has announced a lockdown in at least 75 districts and four states across India until at least April 1.   This includes several cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderbad and states including Punjab, Maharashtra, Assam and Kerala. Domestic flights have been cancelled on top of an existing ban on international flights which began earlier.


1. Visitors who have been in the Hubei Province (China People’s Rep.) in the past 14 days are not allowed to transit or enter Korea (Rep.).  
2. Nationals of China (People’s Rep) with a passport issued in the Hubei Province are not allowed to enter Korea (Rep.).  
3. Korean visas issued by the Wuhan Consulate in the Hubei Province are invalidated.  
4. A visa is required to transit through Korea (Rep.) for: – nationals of China (People’s Rep.) arriving from China (People’s Rep); and – visa required nationals arriving from China (People’s Rep.).  
5. Visitors arriving from Japan who have been in the cruise ship ‘Diamond Princess’ are not allowed to transit or enter (Korea Rep.).  
6. Visas issued to nationals of Japan (at Korean Diplomatic Missions in Japan) before 9 March 2020 are invalidated.  
– This does not apply to visas issued outside Japan. Such visas remain valid.  
– This does not apply to airline crew.  
7. Nationals of Japan who do not hold a Korean visa issued on or after 9 March 2020 will not be allowed entry.  
8. Passengers arriving from any country will be subject to quarantine procedures. They must install a self-diagnosis application in their personal device and a completed Health Declaration Form and a Special Quarantine Declaration Form must be presented to the quarantine desk upon arrival.

MALAYSIA:  Our office has been closed down, real estate viewings have also been banned, and all movement outside is restricted by the government. All accompanied services have been suspended until further notice 


Myanmar still claims to not yet have any Covid-19 cases. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday temporarily stopped issuing visa-on-arrival and e-visa for all countries, as part of new restrictions to foreign visitors. Likewise, all travelers including Myanmar nationals, who have passed through or visited the United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, during the past 14 days, will be subject to a 14-day facility quarantine. Diplomats accredited to Myanmar and resident UN officials, are encouraged to take a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival. 

All travelers will be required to present medical certificate, from a recognized health authority, of not having symptom of acute respiratory sickness, before boarding flights heading to Myanmar. 

PHILIPPINES: Service provision is halted until further notice due to the string home quarantine measures in place.


March 20, 2020 Updates

INDIA: A ban has been placed on international flights to any airport from 0001 hrs GMT of March 22, 2020 until March 29, 2020. All incoming travelers, including Indian nationals arriving from any destination and having visited 36 countries on the Excluded List” in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are banned from entering India, and 6 countries on the “Partially Excluded List” shall be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days. 

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