Starting from August 12, quarantine for foreign arrivals will be shortened to 3 days of hotel quarantine + 4 days of at home health monitoring.


Announced on 8 August, the new rules follow a lightening of the rules governing arriving flights last month.  Both items are a welcome change for Hong Kong businesses and residents.   The new policy comes with the launch of a China-like QR Health Code and some hefty penalties for non-compliance.

New Process will include multiple tests during and after the hotel and home quarantine and broader movement restrictions for Amber Code vaccine pass.  The new rules will apply as of August 12 to anyone who had arrived earlier and served at least 3 days of quarantine at a designated quarantine hotel.    Non-compliance with PCR and RAT testing as prescribed by Hong Kong law can incur fines of up to HKD 25,000 and up to 6 months in jail.

Per the announcement, for foreign arrivals and arrivals from Taiwan:

1) Adjusting compulsory quarantine and medical surveillance to the “3+4” model

     The quarantine arrangements for inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan will be adjusted:

  • Aligning quarantine arrangement: the day of arrival with the first nucleic acid test conducted is considered as Day 0.  Inbound persons are subject to the same quarantine arrangement regardless of vaccination status (Note 1).
  • Three days of compulsory quarantine: Inbound persons are required to undergo compulsory quarantine for three nights in DQHs. Those who are consecutively tested negative can complete compulsory quarantine in the morning of Day 3.
  • Four days of medical surveillance: Inbound persons are then subject to medical surveillance at home or in other self-arranged accommodation for four nights. Those who are consecutively tested negative can complete medical surveillance in the morning of Day 7. 
  • Continuous monitoring and testing: Inbound persons are subject to self-monitoring in the subsequent three days and daily rapid antigen tests (RATs) until Day 10, and they are required to undergo the last nucleic acid test on Day 9.

     For example, if an inbound person arrives at Hong Kong on August 12, the day of arrival is Day 0. They will complete quarantine in DQH in the morning of Day 3 (August 15), and complete medical surveillance in the morning of Day 7 (August 19).

The full announcement as well as details on arrivals from Mainland China and Macau is available here.

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