As we move past the initial challenges presented by Covid-19, we will start the return to normal.  What that process will be and what that normal will look like is anybody’s guess.  As of April  2020, here’s ours.


In many ways, we hope to be wrong about many of our current expectations.  We all want to get back to normal: to work, to spending time with friends and family, to not having to worry about the things that keep us up at night today.  That future will come, but the return may be a long and winding road.

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Now is the time, however to be planning for that future.  In our paper, we attempt to take a constructive look at different elements that will likely help shape what’s next.  It’s risky to report what is seen in a crystal ball, and we hope the future will be kind to these assumptions made using our past crisis experiences, reports from many different publications and first-hand experience that started in China this past January.


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