Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, and we are glad to return to in-person events!  Between the closed borders of only a few months ago and today, assignee mobility has changed radically.

Our team would be glad to give a personal status update for or answer questions about any of Relo Network Asia’s 15 country destinations.  Feel free to schedule a date and time that works best for you via our live scheduler.

When you book a meeting, you’ll be asked to indicate your willingness to participate in one of two of our special projects.  During our meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our next video: “Mobility Professionals Taste Asian Snacks.”.  Let us know if you’re willing (or brave enough) to participate – we hope you will!

Also during our meetings, or when you see us around the conference, please participate in our additional project, one that’s a bit more friendly to those who may be camera-shy.  One Click = One Tree Planted.  Take two seconds when you see us to scan our QR code and tell us where to plant your tree: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam or Mangroves anywhere in Asia.   Your selection will help protect coastlines, increase carbon storage and create sustainable income for farmers.

Study up on the options and be ready to cast your vote!


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Press Release: RNA Group becomes ATMA Foundation Partner

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