Our Malaysia team details the situation for assignees and relocating employees on the ground.  Arrival protocols, quarantine, transportation including costs and more for managing the Covid current protocols.


Destination Support In Malaysia Overview

There has been significant improvement since July 2021. Average number of new infections reported each day in Malaysia falls by more than 4200 over the last 3 weeks. 20% of its previous peak. Covid-19 infections are decreasing, with below 5900 new infections reported on average each day. After months of border closure, it has been announced that interstate and international travel will be allowed for fully vaccinated individuals from 11 October. Followed with another announcement to halve the quarantine period for fully vaccinated travellers returning or coming to Malaysia from 14 days to 7 days and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers will be required to 10-day quarantine upon entry into Malaysia. This has taken effect on 18 October. At the same time, the government has shortened the required close contact isolation period for the fully vaccinated from 10 days to seven days and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will be 10 days.


Malaysia joins Southeast Asia’s to adopt “LIVING WITH COVID” environment. Hence, living in Malaysia will highly depending on ones’ vaccination status to be able to carry out a normal lifestyle and routine moving forward.

Other key references are as follows:

Preparation – Arrival Process

Before Arrival:

  • All visitors to complete the health declaration at least one day before departure by using the MySejahtera App
  • It is important to upload the vaccination status into MySejahtera App (NOTE: if fail to upload successfully, please reach out to the helpline)

Upon Arrival:

  • MyTravelPass (Entry Permit) is required to enter Malaysia
  • Compulsory quarantine for 7 to 10 days upon arrival
  • Mandatory medical test will be done at the airport
  • It is recommended to download MySejahtera app and upload vaccination status prior to arrival
  • PCR test results are to be obtained less than 72 hours before departure


Quarantine requirement remains unchanged and there are selections of premium hotels which can be booked prior to arrival. The list of hotels can be found below:


Cost Estimation – Quarantine + Covid Tests

It is not mandatory in Malaysia to quarantine in designated hotel. There are options to pre-book premium hotels prior to arrival. These premium hotels are set up with the government authorities on-site, they are mostly 4 to 5 star hotels. If the travelers chose to quarantine in designated hotel assigned by authority, it is est MYR150 per night per pax (mostly 3 to 4 star hotels). This includes 3 meals a day, transport from airport to hotel, internet.

Premium hotels are est MYR250 to MYR300 per night per pax (price varies depending on hotel classification). Second person sharing room, additional MYR50 per day for designated hotel to be added and MYR100 to MYR150 per night for premium hotel to be added. Third person sharing room charge is usually free for child 6 years old and below. (price varies depending on hotel classification)

Quarantine Hotel Cost Computation (estimate – basing on Standard Designation Hotel Rate)

Standard Hotel for non-Malaysian: MYR150 per day x 7 days = MYR1050


Premium Hotel: MYR250 per day x 7 days = MYR1750

Fixed Cost

Quarantine fixed operation cost for non-Malaysian: MYR2,600 per person

PCR Tests for non-Malaysian: MYR500 per person (this includes a test upon arrival at the airport and another test one day before check-out). Total amount – MYR3100 per person

Refer www.safetravel.myeg.com.my

In addition, travelers are required to do PCR test 72 hrs before departure. Costs varies depending on the home country the travelers are departing from.


Transfers from quarantine hotel to assignees’ next accommodation can be arranged. This can be arranged from the quarantine hotel, order GRAB (Uber equivalent) transport OR transport arrangement set up by your Company.

Temporary Housing

Temp housing process is basically back to normal. There is no restriction to set up temp housing ready for new arrivals.

Permanent Housing Searches

Though the situation has improved significantly, however, permanent housing searches had adopted new normal process, we continue to offer these various tracks for the home finding program in order to still reduce unnecessary face to face meeting and to ensure safety measures are in place when viewing the properties

3 different tracks in the home finding process:

  1. Arrive in KL → Quarantine → move to Temp Housing → Start Home Finding Program (estimated turnaround time 3 to 4 weeks)
  2. Arrive in KL → Quarantine (Start reviewing and shortlisting some properties during quarantine period) → move to Temp Housing → Visit the shortlisted properties and start negotiation (estimated turnaround time 2 to 3 weeks)
  3. Start reviewing/shortlisting and confirm the selected property before arrival →Arrive in KL → Quarantine→  Perm Housing ready to move in

We commence the home finding process immediately when the assignee arrives in Malaysia and during their quarantine period. We smoothly complete pre-searches by sharing property links, photos and/or videos for the Assignee to review and shortlist. Since the restriction has been lifted, property viewing process can now be carried out regularly. However, adhering to each residential development SOPs remains unchanged, hence, a lot of back-end processes and approvals are required for a successful arrangement. Showing the vaccination status is one mandatory requirement set by most residential development before allowing entry.


Here are SOPs applicable for fully vaccinated individuals and children age 17 years and below under the company of fully vaccinated parents:

  • Dine-in is now allowed at restaurants and F&B outlets nationwide. Restaurants are now allowed to operate from 6am to
  • Full vehicle capacity (as per seating capacity of vehicle) is now allowed provided all passengers are fully vaccinated. The 10km travel radius restriction has also been
  • The interstate travel ban has been lifted from 11Oct onwards. Fully vaccinated individuals are now allowed to travel interstate nationwide, except to and from localities placed under the
  • The international travel ban has also been lifted from 11Oct – overseas travel is now allowed for fully vaccinated individuals. Those who wish to travel abroad no longer need to apply for a MyTravelPass, but it is compulsory to do a swab test before returning to Malaysia and upon arrival. A 7 day quarantine will be required upon return – self quarantine at home is allowed.
  • Individual, non-contact sports and recreational activities with physical distancing are allowed in outdoor This includes activities such as jogging, exercise, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, hiking, golfing and more.
  • Indoor sports and recreational activities will be allowed under close Gyms and fitness centers are also allowed to reopen at reduced capacities.
  • Camping and picnics are allowed with strict compliance to the SOP
  • Night markets and weekend markets will be allowed to operate.
  • Cinemas nationwide will be allowed to reopen with 50% audience

o Individuals who are vaccinated are also allowed to head to these newly-reopened businesses:

  • Car Wash
  • Electric and electrical shops
  • Furniture shops
  • Sports equipment stores
  • Household and kitchen appliances shops
  • Car accessories shops
  • Automotive and car sales shops
  • Clothing, fashion and accessories stores
  • Jewellery stores
  • Farmers and Wholesales markets
  • Hair Salons
  • Fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to travel to Langkawi with the establishment of the Langkawi Travel Bubble, a pilot domestic tourism project that was launched on 16 September

SAFE WORK PROCEDURE – For prevention of Covid 19 at Workplace: https://www.dosh.gov.my/index.php/swp-covid19-prevswp-covid19-prevention-in-workplace/file

Report date: 28 October 2021

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