The Taal volcano in the Philippines has destroyed homes, but it hasn’t destroyed hope.

Ash that has fallen on a nearby town is being turned into bricks that will help its neighbors rebuild.  The mayor of Binan has inspired the residents of his town to collect the fallen ash, bag it and send it to a state-owned factory.  There it will be used instead of sand to create bricks.

Taal volcano, which is approximately 50 km from the capital city of Manila, began erupting last Sunday, January 12.  Over 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and remain in shelters today.  While the activity from Taal has decreased recently, experts fear that more is yet to come.  It is still not safe for families to return home to discover if there is a home to return to.

Thanks to the ingenious idea and leadership of Mayor Dimagluila and the residents of Binan, the material to rebuild will be readily available.

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