Our report is long, but that means good things.

What started as a three-page update back in March, has slowly grown into over 6 pages of 9-point font informational text.  Why is that positive?  If all borders, schools and immigration offices were closed and all our services were suspended, the information below would indeed, be brief.

But, immigration offices are processing new visa applications and there are travel bubbles forming that are opening borders, even if only slightly.  Thankfully, our team is able to delivery traditional accompanied services in 14 of our 17 countries either as normal or with slight adjustments.  As a result, new information requirements regarding the complexity of arrival, testing and quarantine procedures have arisen.

So, next week you will notice a new version of this update.  It remains a substantial and long report, however the changes will highlight critical items and help you quickly locate specific information.

You may also click this week’s report below to open in a new window.

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Press Release: RNA Group becomes ATMA Foundation Partner

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