In early September, Relo Network Asia hosted a Global Relo Specialist Summit in Singapore.


We brought our Relo Specialist team together for a first-time gathering post-Covid.  Our team is separated by both countries and continents, which makes being together a challenge, one only elevated by the pandemic.

The successful business results of 2019 – 2022 demonstrated that we could perform our work apart.  But what studies are now showing, is that remote work has drawbacks as well.  Studies show that people give and receive more feedback when they share the same space.  Plus, the speed of communication and relaying information is much faster.  There is a value to being together that can’t be replaced by a video call.

The week started with a series of meetings designed to reconnect with our collective vision, mission and goals.  Sessions took on the form of workshops to review what we do, how we do it and what we can change to make an even better experience for our clients and customers.   The Relo Network Asia values of Teamwork, Innovation, Professionalism, Pro-Activity and Passion were evident in all the sessions that followed.

During week two, we transitioned our focus inward, changing from operations to the core of who we are – our team.  Facilitated by Asia Ability, we explored our strengths, communication styles and individual approaches.  We also took part in a very special activity to give back to our host community.

There were two planned CSR activities scheduled during our visit.   The first, was a benefit of our support for the Cassia Bintan sustainability program which is committed to saving the sea turtles.  We were thrilled to help release a group of turtles into the ocean and we hope they will survive and return in 20 years time to lay more eggs. The second focused on using our time, talents and resources to share needed supplies with the students at a local school.

Together, the Relo Network Asia team assembled 50 backpacks for the school children. It was a heartfelt effort and a powerful moment to witness the care with which our team executed the task.  This short videos gives a glimpse of our overall experience.

You are wonderful.  Kamu Menakjubkan.

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