ECA International has announced the list of city rankings on livability for Asian expatriates.  Several of our locations either remain or move closer to the top of the list.

ECA uses a system to fairly measure the difficulty an assignee will experience as an expatriate in the location.  Included in the list of factors is climate, health services, housing, utilities, infrastructure and air quality.

Singapore maintains its top spot while Hong Kong has dropped slightly after last year’s impact of Typhoon Manghkut.

In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown made the list and in Thailand, Bangkok remains the highest ranked location.  Both countries have risen due to infrastructure investments in recent years.

Three countries dominated the list Singapore, Australia and Japan:

  1. Singapore

  2. Brisbane,

  3. Sydney

  4. Adelaide

  5. Osaka

  6. Nagoya

  7. Tokyo

See all the highest ranked destinations here. 

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