More Restrictions and Longer Quarantines

Cases are rising in several locations including Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan, however at lower rates than those of India who set a record 385,840 new cases yesterday.

The situation in India continues to reflect in countries banning foreign and even citizen arrivals from the area.  The impact is not only for India, as several countries have also now banned arrivals from India’s neighbouring countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  There is a valid fear of the new variants and countries are taking swift actions to contain them.  Australia has reinstated social distancing in Sydney and the air bubble with New Zealand has been partially suspended.

Quarantines have also changed.

  • Singapore implemented 21-day quarantine for arrivals from most countries
  • Thailand has removed the vaccination waiver policy and reverted to a 14-day quarantine
  • Malaysia has implemented longer, 14-day quarantines for arrivals from high-risk countries
  • Vietnam has implemented a 21-day quarantine
  • Korea now required arrivals from most African nations, UK, India and Brazil to quarantine at a government facility for 2 days + 1 night and take additional tests.

Members of the Relocation industry have established “Help Rural India Breathe – A Global Relocation Industry Initiative” to help bring needed oxygen and other medical resources to the 70% of Indians who live in rural or remote settings.  If you would like to spread the word or donate, you may find the cause via this link:

You can read and download the full report here:   May 7 RNA Weekly Covid Report

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