This week has felt like a transition away from the “normal” of the past few weeks as if we are on the precipice of a next phase.  There have been fewer dramatic changes recently, although progress continues. The announcement that travelers would soon be permitted to transit through Hong Kong and Singapore’s Changi airports hopefully was indicative of more good news to come.

This phase, though, may be characterized by unclear information, rapid situation changes, and information overload.  On their own, these three things can place a fog around the clarity required for decision making.  In combination, the situation becomes trickier.   Governments are easing restrictions, however, they rarely address specifically the relocation or global mobility industry.  The explicitness of communication from governments and leaders varies from excellent to poor across our 17 countries.  Globally it seems that those in charge of re-starting economies are trying to balance speed and logistics, with speed frequently winning.

More patience, it seems, will be required.  We shall continue to try and keep speed and quality in balance with these updates. As new information becomes available, we post it to our blog, where we also share additional thoughts.  This week we explored new potential fail points and bottlenecks in the relocation process, “Challenges to the Coming “Surge.”


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