Across Asia, countries are tightening non-pharmaceutical containment measures as cases begin to rise either for the first time or again.

India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan have seen the highest level of cases this year in recent days.  While below its peak, India is still incredibly high, with another recent uptick in the past few days.  In Indonesia, where millions flouted travel bans during the recent holiday, infection rates are expected to rise shortly.  Cases are already increasing in Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, and Vietnam.

But it’s the speed of infections that is most worrying.  The length of time for the total number of confirmed cases to double has been rapid compared to the Global average of 141 days.

Number of Days Taken to Double Cases:

World 141
Taiwan 6
Cambodia 22
Thailand 23
India 43
Philippines 79
Vietnam 90
Malaysia 101
Japan 119
Indonesia 125
Korea 133


More mitigation measures have been implemented, with vaccination rates remaining below 15% of the population or less across 80% of our locations.  Brunei has suspended the RGL travel pass with Singapore.  Taiwan has banned non-resident foreign nationals through 18 June.  Hong Kong has tightened rules for arrivals.  India’s bilateral travel agreements with Japan and the UK have been suspended.  Singapore will no longer accept new entry applications from pass holders of high-risk countries, and arrivals from those locations already approved will have to wait until at least 5 July.  HCMC has stopped issuing special entry visas for several categories departing from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and India – a move expected to be implemented country-wide.

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