Our report has been updated to better highlight the information that will be critical as we continue through the phases of response and recovery.

Beyond the status of the service delivery, information that will spark the resumption of assignments currently on “hold”, will be when borders are open and to whom, if visa applications are being processed and what requirements such as health checks and quarantines will exist.

For each country, information is now divided into six segments:

  1. Service – provides information regarding the availability of services and any existing restrictions
  2. Borders – indicates if borders are open or closed and what restrictions or permissions are in place
  3. Immigration – updates regarding visa processing, local priorities and delays
  4. Intl. Schools – status of education delivery, school visits and reopening
  5. Arrivals – describes requirements for health certificates, health checks, testing and quarantines
  6. Lifestyle – informs the situation on the ground, domestic movement restrictions and government actions that impact daily life
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