There has been slow, but promising movement towards the “new normal” this week.

Border closures have started to ease, but only slightly and with a large degree of qualifications.  Thailand is now permitting the return of foreign residents who hold work permits and can prove health status.  Singapore has begun processing employment passes again, but approval will be limited and it is as yet unclear how applications will be prioritized.  China and Singapore have made advancements between their two countries by implementing a fast track program which requires testing, but not quarantine thereby making business travel more accessible.  China also has the green channel system in place and next week will begin increasing the number of incoming international flights by foreign carriers.

Six months into 2020 and the same time spent reporting on Covid-19.  No matter where you are in the progression of this pandemic locally, it is still never far enough.  We hold our breath that every moment of progress will continue and cross our fingers that any setbacks will be short-lived.

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