There are many efforts to reduce the pollution in Shanghai and around the world.  Ikea’s bold pledge to help by converting 100% to electric delivery systems by 2025 has been achieved as a first in Shanghai.

Shanghai was part of several key city implementations for the year 2020.  It provided a perfect first step to help stop emission contributions to smog while taking advantage of China’s progressive charging infrastructure.  Other target cities including New York and Los Angeles will pose a great challenge.

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Ikea is not alone in the search for more earth-friendly operations.  Most delivery firms including UPS and FedEx are working hard to lower-emissions from delivery vehicles.

Many of the countries destinations we cover have issues with pollution.  Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing as well as major cities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam experience poor air quality on certain days.  Vehicle emissions are one of the greatest contributing factors to what we commonly refer to as “smog.”  Many governments have implemented policies and procedures to make improvements and they are working to some degree.  The assistance from individual companies is a welcome addition.

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