Hong Kong Update | Service Disruption

Dear Partners and Clients,

The escalation in violence in conjunction with the Hong Kong protests unfortunately continues.  There are no scheduled services that are being disrupted this week, but schools are closed and clashes continue.

Our team is safe and working from home.  While there are no tours scheduled this week, our team is otherwise operating as normal.  Please note that it can take some additional time if we need to get information from third parties such as landlords, real estate partners and car rental agencies, etc.

It remains unclear what will come next, but we will continue to work closely with your teams to find solutions for anyone impacted and keep them advised regarding any ongoing services.  Things can change quickly, and we continue to monitor events.  Our team will take things week-by-week and continue to keep everyone posted.

We are available to answer any questions or concerns.

We continue to hold everyone in Hong Kong in our thoughts with hopes for a peaceful resolution as quickly as possible.


Grateful for Great Partnerships!
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