Upon arrival, unless exempted, most travelers and assignees will need to undergo a 14 – day Quarantine.

Non-Hong Kong residents are not permitted entry, however non-residents from Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan will be permitted entry to Hong Kong as long as they have not been to any overseas country or territory in the previous 14 days.

Some countries are on a “high risk” status including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, United States and Kazakhstan.  Arrivals from these locations will be required to submit a negative Covid-19 test and a hotel booking for the entire quarantine period prior to being permitted to board the flight to Hong Kong.

All travelers arriving to Hong Kong still need to undergo COVID-19 test. Those who tested negative, apart from arrivals from high risk countries will have to serve home quarantine for 14 days.

During the quarantine period, the wearing of a tracking bracelet and mobile application to track moments will be mandatory.  All people under quarantine are required to stay within the quarantine facility at all times.

The government has create a video to show the process for arriving and using the app:

Relo Network Asia offers assistance to our clients for a safe arrival experience.  In addition to support to assignees so they understand the arrivals process, testing and quarantine requirements, we can also supply an add-on support package.  This package of services is designed to assist the assignee:

  • Pre-arrival preparation and coordination so assignees know what to expect and what is expected of them
  • Support during quarantine including any travel from the airport to the hotel as well as meals and necessities during the isolation period
  • Post-quarantine support including check-out of quarantine facility and transportation to the residence.

Throughout, our local teams provide a help-line to give encouragement and answer assignee and family questions during this time frame.

Contact us for more information or for assistance with your assignments into any of our country destinations.

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