Steve Burson, CEO of Relo Network Asia recently contributed to a forward looking article for Human Resources Online.

Across many parts of Asia, relocation is slowly returning.  The article expresses an optimistic viewpoint for the coming year, anticipating a return to employee movement across borders.

Global mobility industry leaders share their perspective from relocation industry categories including serviced apartments, relocation management company, real estate and banking.  Each one contributed ideas for the greatest challenges we’ll face next year accompanied by creative solutions for them.

Steve Burson, CEO, Relo Network Asia Holdings
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Q What do you believe will be the greatest challenge to employee mobility in 2021?

The greatest challenge is going to be keeping on top of the changing bilateral agreements between countries with regards to how relocating employees can enter and exit countries, and the duty-of-care requirements in terms of how employees and their families can move to their new destination safe and healthy, both physically and mentally.


Steve also discusses our newly released Pr-e-Arrival Area Orientation which introduces the new location before the first visit or the final move.  An alternative to the traditional accompanied “Look See / Familiarization Trip”, this program will prove to be an essential tool in building a transferring employees comfort and confidence in their acceptance of the move.

2021 is likely to be a better year for the relocation and mobility industry while presenting ongoing and new challenges.  This look ahead will help HR and Global Mobility teams be prepared.


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