It was nice to come across a positive article concerning the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh.  The travel section of provides a perspective beyond the images of suffering experienced under the Khmer Rouge regime and describes the more modern, current situation.

Using the term “cosmopolitan buzz”, the author describes a growing city with fashion boutiques and a new pubs opening almost every week. The truth is that the city is is n a state of rapid development and has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.  While agriculture remains a dominant industry, other areas such as textiles and construction are gaining ground.

Cambodia remains a relatively inexpensive place to live although prices are rising.  There is a large expatriate community adding to the demands of over 2 million existing residents.  Ride-hailing apps, online grocery delivery, modern apartment buildings and international hospitals provide the convenient living of an international city.

The strain of growth is already being felt.   There are a number of excellent international schools, however there can also be long waiting lists for them.  Getting around the city is relatively easy, but traffic congestion is on the rise.   Also rising are housing prices which in recent history have been rising at the rate of 10 – 15 percent annually.

Overall the present and future of Cambodia is very bright.




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