Slow Progress for Change and Vaccinations

The latest data available from January 30th shows that Hong Kong, Japan and Australia are the only Relo Network Asia countries with enough vaccines contracted to cover 100% of their populations.   Macau, South Korea and India are close with between 85 – 94%.  Some countries, including Singapore do not have readily available counts for the public and data can also differ depending on the tracker reviewed.

For the past week, there has been continued extension of local measure in many locations including Hong Kong, Japan, India and Korea.  Borders in a few places have had major changes.

The Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) between Singapore, Korea and Malaysia has been paused as has a similar arrangement between Singapore and Germany.   The Philippines has ended a ban on foreign nationals arriving from 30 countries.  China has temporarily banned arrivals from Canada, including those with valid work permits.

Also this week, we released a paper outlining the likely direction the virus, vaccines and vaccinations will take as well as their potential impact to global mobility.



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