Our report has been revised to include formation regarding the latest critical component to the pandemic, vaccines.

Vaccines will significantly impact the ability to cross borders, the length and necessity of quarantines, and the frequency of COVID PCR testing requirements.  What and when any relaxation of existing non-pharmaceutical measures will be felt remains uncertain.

The development of vaccines presents the first of many milestones.  Our “Look Ahead” explores what comes next for global mobility.  We likely have another year of quick and constant changes as we move through the next critical stages, including securing and administering vaccine doses.

In V4.0, you’ll find two new sections:

  • Bilateral Agreements (such as Reciprocal Green Lanes, Travel Pass)
  • Vaccine Program (vaccination progress, availability for foreigners)

The recent discovery of several new variants has caused many bilateral agreements to be paused or placed on hold.  So far, only China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore have started their vaccination programs.  Like everywhere else in the world, progress is slow.

You can download a copy of the weekly report here.

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