Beginning 15, March, visa procedures will be relaxed based upon Covid-19 vaccination.

Per the announcement on the Office of the Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the HKSAR  the rules will be relaxed for those who have been inoculated with one of the vaccines produced in China.



Applicants who have received one of the China vaccines and obtained a vaccination certificate within the specified timeframes will only be required to provide documentation as required pre-pandemic when applying for a visa.  Proof of a negative Covid-19 nucleic acid test result and Health and Travel Declaration Form will not longer be required as part of the visa application.

This easing of visa rules is among the first positive signs of how vaccinations will impact borders and travel.  Also last week, China announced it has launched a “Health Passport”.

China’s vaccines are in use in China, across Asia and global locations including Mexico and South American countries.  The new visa rules will help facilitate the return of foreign nationals to mainland China for work.



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