At Relo Network Asia, the health and safety of all clients, staff, and affiliates is paramount.

As global citizens, we also have an obligation to do whatever is advised to help limit the spread of Covid-19.  Our procedures have been based upon local government guidance and will continue to be revised where necessary to take into account any changes to or new travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.  Our goal is to provide services in the safest possible manner and advice to help assignees be informed.

Measures Being Taken

  • All Destination Consultants will be equipped with hand sanitizer
  • The wearing of face masks is subject to individual preference.  Any party to the service delivery who feels unwell should wear them, but unwell parties are encouraged not to engage in any accompanied activities (including Assignees, Destination Consultants and any other parties to the service).  Face masks are limited in supply and all parties are to make their own best efforts with regard to obtaining them.
  • All Destination Consultants will be asked to sign a declaration form indicating their recent travel information.  Under no circumstances will a Relo Network Asia Destination Consultant perform face-to-face services for a period of 14 days following a return from Mainland China or while under a mandatory self-quarantine required by local regulations.
  • Service partners, including realtors, will also be asked to sign a declaration form indicating their recent travel information to help us ensure the safety of all.
  • Should any party feel unwell during a Relo Network Asia program, the Relo Specialist should be notified asap.  Unwell parties will be advised to wear a mask and where to seek medical attention immediately.

Advisory to Assignees

  • Travel restrictions and mandatory self-quarantine policies are changing rapidly.  We will do our best to provide individual guidance, but assignees should double-check their travel history to discover if a quarantine period is required.  Report any quarantine requirement to your Relo Specialist.
  • Assignees should have adequate travel and / or health insurance policies in place.
  • We recommend assignees bring with them from their home country hand sanitizer, and if they wish, masks as these items are in short-supply across most of Asia.
  • Due to the additional strain on the healthcare providers, it is advised to bring any over-the-counter medicine they may need or want during the visit (legal medicines and amounts vary by country) .  It may take longer than usual to get a doctor’s appointment during the next month or so.


  • Relo Network Asia cannot guarantee that all appointments made for our programs, such as school tours or property viewings, will be available.  Such appointments are conducted at the discretion of each individual or organization.
  • No face-to-face services will be delivered to any assignee under mandatory or self-quarantine.  Relo Network Asia will continue to provide support and guidance via phone and email until the quarantine has ended, rescheduling services where necessary.
  • Relo Network Asia reserves the right to postpone programs potentially should the situation in the local destination require it in order for us to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

According to the World Health Organization website, it appears as if the number of new cases has peaked.

We will keep our fingers crossed that the downward trend continues, but we will support ongoing vigilance of the current practices that thankfully seem to be having a positive impact on containment.

The following links are provided for additional local information:


Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japanese- no known English updates from the government) (Japanese- FAQ) (NHK- English)

Official Ministry of Health nCoV Portal
Malaysia Prime Minister’s Office webpage providing weekly updates via infographics in English
MSIA Ministry of Health Facebook providing updates (In Bahasa mostly, with some English)

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Public Health, Department of Disease Control


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