New infections inside Asia diminish while the virus enters the early phases for the rest of the world.

It remains difficult to say that the downward trend will continue, but Asia is definitely in a much better position compared especially to Europe and the USA.  New cases per day in China are down to 15- 20, while the rest of the world is seeing about 6,500 new cases per day. China is a good indicator that this can be controlled- they have actually done a pretty brilliant job of bringing things under control. Most of our countries have new cases below 15- 20 per day, like China, except for Korea and Japan. Korea is now doing well, but Japan is still struggling to contain things.

The below graphic is all 125,000 cases. 80,000 of them in China, that you can see in orange below. However, you can now see this no longer a China problem, but a problem of the rest of the world.

China- Here is what China has achieved. Very much under control in China now, and hence we are seeing companies in Shanghai and Beijing go back to work.

Singapore- slight spike in cases this week, but less than 20 per day.

Japan- still struggling to control the spread. Not enough testing of people being the issue, much like the US. 50- 60 new cases per day this week.

Korea- very much under control now. Numbers were high, but they have done a great job in controlling things, and are now starting to see the benefits. New cases now under 100 per day.

Hong Kong- still some new cases, but well under 10 per day, so things are well under control.

Malaysia- a little worrying. Not so sure about the data provided, as there are a lot of gaps. More than 20 new cases recorded 3 times this week.

Taiwan- appears to be under control- less than 5 new cases per day.

Philippines– a little worrying as there has been a spike this week. Announcements last night that Metro Manila has been shut down to the outside world.

This last one puts things in perspective. This is the cumulative number of cases in Asia. From here you can see Korea and Japan have the biggest issues in Asia. If Japan can bring things under control, Asia should be quite stabilized as long as countries remain vigilant.

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