Pizza likely isn’t the first food that comes to mind in China, but Beijing just voted for the top places to get a great pie. (or bun).

Imported ovens from New York, cheese from Italy and typical thin crust are offered at various pizza restaurants around town.  There are plenty of spots for traditionalists, but there are a copule favorites that veer into new territory.

A local favorite from Q Mex comes with a thin tortilla-like crust.  Gung Ho! which was founded by a New Zealand owner offers a “Lord of the Lambs” pie.

The one that is the most local, is not a pizza exactly but more of a fusion dish that has caught on like wildfire.  The Boazza is a blending of two popular foods: Baozi and pizza.  It originated in Beijing and is now also available in the frozen section of Chinese grocery stores as well as online.

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