In the recently released ECA International liveability ranking for January 2024, Singapore has reaffirmed its status as the most liveable city for Asia expatriates, maintaining its top position for yet another year.

This accolade not only highlights Singapore’s commitment to a high standard of living but also sheds light on the growing prominence of other Asian cities in the global liveability landscape.

Key Findings:

Singapore’s dominance in the ranking is attributed to its outstanding performance in crucial areas such as infrastructure, healthcare, and safety. The city-state’s continuous investment in modern amenities and efficient transportation infrastructure has contributed to its top-tier status. Additionally, Singapore’s robust healthcare system and unwavering commitment to public safety further enhance its appeal.

However, it’s worth noting that other Asian cities are making notable strides in the liveability index. Cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul are increasingly gaining recognition for their high quality of life. These cities excel in various aspects, including political stability, air quality, and access to education.

Many other cities made the list and showed improvement in rankings.  In Mainland China, which suffered in standings due to the strict COVID policies, several cities, including Shenzhen and Wuhan, moved up the ranks.  Other Southeast Asian cities that are increasing their global standing include Jakarta, Phnom Penh, and Hanoi.

Expatriates and global professionals often prioritize factors like safety, healthcare, and education when choosing work and residence destinations. Singapore’s continued excellence in these areas makes it an attractive destination, but it is far from alone.  Other countries’ investments are creating cities and the rising prominence of other Asian cities, expanding top-tier options for Asian and foreign expatriates in the region.

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