This week saw fewer changes than the previous one, however there are still new containment programs being implemented.  In many of our service countries, face-to-face accompanied services are temporarily suspended and social distancing rules are in place to limit local spread.  Where services are either ready to return or still possible, they may still be impacted by the temporary entry bans in place which prevent both the virus and assignees from arriving in-country.

Our team is managing a couple of different interim scenarios 1) When an assignment must be delayed due to a travel restriction and 2) When services are delayed by social distancing rules or a quarantine situation.  In each case, our Relo Services team and Destination Consultants are doing everything possible to minimize the delays by using these waiting times to provide as much information and consultation as possible.  Our goal is that by the time the assignee is able to enter the country or emerges from quarantine, they are as prepared as possible for the tasks ahead including making quick and qualified decisions about housing or schools.

The particulars of those efforts differ from country to country and can also vary by city and day depending on the local situation.  They are also reliant on the capabilities and “essential business” status of the many local partners and services we coordinate on assignee’s behalf.  We are working with our clients on a case-by-case basis to craft individualized service delivery plans where those services are impacted by Covid-19 preventative measures.

Some recent changes to highlight:

  • JAPAN: Starting April 3rd, new travel bans come into effect
  • SINGAPORE: Starting April 7th, all non-essential businesses will be closed or work from home, preventing the delivery of face-to-face services
  • VIETNAM: From April 1 – 15, immigration departments will temporarily stop receiving immigration applications.  Visa and temporary residence cards that are due to expire will not be considered overstays.

We are implementing the following procedures to keep everyone informed:

  • Any change that directly impacts an assignee will first be addressed immediately by our Relo Specialist with our client relocation case manager for the file.
  • On the blog, we will place the latest  updates from our countries as we receive them
  • Twice Weekly we will be sending this all country update

If you would like to join the email list, please email  If you have questions at any time, please also reach out directly for answers to your specific needs and challenges.

If you have any questions or concerns, please also feel free to reach out to us any time.  We know clients are unique and can have individual concerns.  Our teams are on the ground in all 17 of our countries and able to provide additional insights and support where needed.


Sharon E. Michnay
Relo Network Asia

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