Top 6 Questions to Ask Before a Home Finding Trip

When searching for a home, the list of needs and wants is typically the first thing to make.    A need and a want can vary depending on the host location.  There is a great deal of variance in what is “standard” in every country.  Here is a good list of items to consider when speaking […]

Do I Need a Japanese Driving License?

The short answer is yes. Initially, if a valid International Driving License is held, you can drive with that for up to 1 year.  After the interim period, a Japanese driving license must be procured.  If no International Driving License is held, then the law requires a valid Japanese license to be obtained before driving […]

7-11 Mail Service in Bangkok?

The retail convenience store 7-11 takes convenience to a new level in Bangkok, Thailand. Launching across the city is a new “Speed -D” delivery service promising next-day delivery.  Recipients can have home delivery or chose to collect their mail packages from their closest store. Banking services were also recently launched in partnership with the Government […]