Adjust Existing Benefits to Meet Today's Challenges

Program Overview

These add-on services adjust existing benefit packages to guide assignees through the new and unknown arrival procedures and quarantine requirements.  These do not alter the traditional service programs or company benefit policies, but provide the appropriate time and resources for the temporary, extra steps in the relocation process.

Each program was developed and perfected over the past few months as Asia began to emerge from the lock downs prevalent earlier in 2020. The constant fast-paced changes prevent us from knowing every eventuality, but we have learned enough to know that, while the exact details may change, there are some common elements. These present unique challenges to the assignee experience that require support never previously envisioned.

Supplemental Arrival Support Program

This program is designed to meet four critical aspects of border-crossings today: 1) Confirm Current Requirements (quarantine, pre-flight testing and reporting) 2) Prepare the Assignee and family for the arrival and quarantine procedures and 3) Address duty of care issues for assignee health and safety 4) Local support on the arrival day. The program is delivered through 1 – 2 consultation calls that occur before arrival.  Updates or changes that occur in between the calls and arrival will be delivered via email and sms.

Program Includes

  • 1 – 2 phone consultations before arrival plus email and sms communications regarding any changes to procedures leading up to arrival in country.
  • Pre-flight COVID-19 testing information (test type, timeframe and requirements)
  • List of required health declarations and forms, pre or post-arrival
  • Notification of any health insurance requirements
  • Entry Process Overview , setting expectations for landing
    • Including pre-disembarkation tests, process for testing and results, post-testing steps)
  • Quarantine Overview
    • Including logistics: payment, facilities, reserved or assigned, meals and essentials, transportation and check out procedures
    • Including activities: self-testing and reporting, monitoring, tracking apps and devices, do’s and don’ts, pre-release COVID testing protocols
  • Health and Safety Overview
    • Local regulations, norms and repercussions for non-compliance (fines, jail, deportation)
  • Local Support
    • Arrival follow up, either sms or phone call between 24 – 48 hours after arrival
    • RNA availability to answer questions on arrival for guidance in any area
    • (often as a 3rd party, our ability to “assist” is limited, but we are able to support and guide the assignee in the right direction)

Comprehensive Arrival / Quarantine Support Package

This comprehensive package provides support from pre-arrival through the end of the quarantine.  It includes everything in the Arrival Support Program, but adds 14 days of ongoing support.  This program offers peace of mind to all employees and is ideal for families with children or those who face language barriers discussing medical items or communicating with quarantine official.

Program Includes

  • All services provided in the Supplemental Arrival Support Program
  • Help line for guidance during the 14-day quarantine.
    • Kindly note that authorities do not allow 3rd party participation in reporting or issue resolution. This service will serve as a source of guidance on what to communicate and to whom.

Quarantine Facility Booking

A majority of countries are mandating quarantine upon arrival.  The length and place is subject to change, but it is most common to quarantine for a period of 14 days at either a government specified facility or at an individually selected location such as home or temporary accommodations.

When the location of quarantine is permitted to be arranged by the assignee, this service will provide the necessary support to navigate the local rules regarding approved quarantine facilities and the booking process.

Program Includes

  • Research approved / qualified quarantine facility
  • Provide options to assignee if choices exist
  • Coordinate the booking (payment assistance is available at an additional fee)
  • Relay any confirmation and advice to be ready to present to authorities where necessary
  • Advise on any known restrictions regarding transportation from the airport to the quarantine facility

Quarantine Transportation Booking

If the assignee is quarantining at a self-selected location, transportation from the airport to the quarantine location is typically not included.  In situations where language is not an issue, there usually exist strict protocols in place.  For example, use of public transportation is typically forbidden and the use of specific taxi or other individual transportation services is required.

Transportation booking coordinates the logistics and ensures compliance with local regulations. This service can also be used for subsequent needs including travel to and back from off-site quarantine health check and testing locations and the journey from the quarantine location to next accommodation.

Program Includes:

  • Research of current restrictions and policies
  • Identify approved transportation services, if necessary
  • Coordinate the booking
  • Provide confirmation to the assignee along with payment details (cash, credit)
  • Relay logistics for meeting the driver