Classic services, only streamlined

Program Overview

Not all of today’s assignment types support the delivery of a traditional benefits package.  Our Essential Services are streamlined versions of our classic services that provide critical support for alternative assignee profiles. Through either remote support or menu-driven options, we work together with our clients to create and deliver critical assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner. Due to the infrastructure in some countries we service, some Essential Services are not recommended in less-developed destinations.

Online Support Program

This DIY service structure let’s assignees select the services most important to them.  Our Consultants will provide 2-3 vetted contacts for each requested service and remain available for  two months to answer assignee questions.

Service options include but are not limited to assistance with: Bank Accounts, Home Search, Furniture Rental, Utilities, Mobile Phone, Emergency & Medical, Insurance, Driving License, Car Leasing, Public Transportation, Household Help, Useful Mobile Phone Apps, Neighborhood Amenities, Education.

Program Includes

  • Welcome email with questionnaire
  • 2-3 Vetted Contacts per request
  • Links to online resources
  • Advice from our in-country Consultants
  • 2 months of telephone/email support

Unaccompanied Home Finding Assistance

This is a full-service home finding program that is not constrained by a set number of days. Our Consultant advises remotely and the assignee meets with the realtor only.

Program Includes

  • Initial Consultation
  • Single Point of contact
  • Overview of available neighborhoods, housing styles, real estate market and local practices
  • Advance list of properties matching the assignee search parameters
  • Realtor – only accompanied viewings
  • Negotiation of rent and lease agreement
  • Review of all legal documents prior to signatures
  • Check-in Inventory Report
  • Primary Utility Connections

Short Term Accommodations- Screening and Reservation

Program Includes

  • List of available properties matching the assignee search parameters
  • Negotiation of rent and lease agreement
  • Coordination of payment arrangements between RMC/Client and landlord
  • Review of all legal documents prior to signatures
  • Negotiation of deposit return and facilitation of deposit return payments

Education Assistance – Unaccompanied

Program Includes

  • Pre-arrival Consultation
  • Overview of local schooling customs
  • Detailed information on availability at prospective schools
  • Resource material including
    • List of international schools and selected school brochures / websites
    • Map of host location with school highlights
    • List of uniform suppliers, school checklist and suggested reading list