Support during Lockdowns

Program Overview

These services are designed to provide assignee support during lockdowns when resources are scarce, change happens by the minute and movement is at maximum restriction.

Arrival Programs

Designed to ensure assignees arriving in-country have housing, transportation, and access to food.  Can be delivered as Standard Accompanied or Unaccompanied depending on the local situation at the time of arrival.

Program Includes

  • Transportation support: Arrange for collection at the airport and delivery to the residence in line with the proper protocols including deep-cleaned vehicles and masks worn by drivers
  • Housing Support: Ensuring a residence is appropriate and reserved for isolation or quarantine
  • Food and Essential Provision Support: Helping ensure the necessary provisions are accessible which will include a list of online supermarket/food buying options, lists of available food delivery options including food delivery services
  • Safety Support Package: including location and contact details of medical facilities, emergency services, and updates on the latest local requirements
  • Ongoing Emotional Support: daily calls from a Relo Network Asia single point of contact
  • Additional available services: Airport Transportation Arrangements, Start-up Grocery Package

Urgent Departure Program

Assistance to assignees who are not able to reenter the host country in a timely manner or whose departure was abrupt without the proper closure.  The program may also be used for non-emergency departures, and to note, our ability to negotiate with landlords and other suppliers for the most favorable termination scenarios can be positively impacted by advance notice of a departure.

Program Includes

  • Housing Termination Support including
    • Notification to the landlord
    • Negotiations of dilapidations and coordination of any required repairs
    • Conducting a pre-inspection before tenant’s departure and/or final inspection with the landlord
    • Negotiation of security deposit return
  • Household Goods Management
    • Assistance arranging the disposal of unwanted household items, including return of rental furniture
    • Coordination of pack and move arrangements with the moving company. In abandonment cases, additional days will be necessary if our consultant must supervise the packing
  • Local Services Termination
    • Notification of assignee’s departure to local services and coordination of cancellation dates, final payments, deposit returns, and appropriate directions for final bills
  • School Pre-Term Departure Assistance
    • Notification to the school(s) and negotiating a refund of school deposit and fees, if applicable
    • Obtain education and testing records.
  • Local Compliance Support
    • Complete de-registration with local authorities, if applicable
  • Additional available services: Airport Transportation Arrangement, Mover Coordination (with or without supervision)