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Destination Overview

Spanish Coloniel Meets Modern

Peru is rich in history, but also has modern aspects such as its skyline with towering glass skyscrapers. Peru's population is an eclectic mix of ethnic groups and backgrounds, which makes for a fabulously diverse melting pot of cuisine, culture, and language. There is quite a large expat population in Peru, especially centered around the financial district.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Nuevo Sol (PEN)
  • Electricity: 220 V, 60 Hz, plug types A, B, and C
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Population: 29,496,000


While the cost of living in Peru is mostly less expensive than in the U.S., be prepared for housing here to be the largest part of your monthly budget.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation

  • 1-bedroom apartment in city centre:  PEN 1280+
  • 1-bedroom apartment outside of city centre:  PEN 750+
  • 3-bedroom apartment in city centre:  PEN 2300+
  • 3-bedroom apartment outside of city centre:  PEN 1500+

Fun Fact

The Peruvian Amazon covers over 60% of the country.


Many expats who move to Peru with children opt for private or international schools over public schools. These schools typically have better resources, but they also tend to have a religious focus and are often quite expensive.

Typical Costs

Average Cost

Several hundred dollars per month for private/international school tuition, plus registration fees, book rental fees, and occasionally even supplies (e.g., toilet paper, chalk, etc.) are required to be purchased for the school.

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Fast Facts

  • Meat

    If you see "cuy" on a menu, it's actually guinea pig—Peruvians consume over 65 million of them each year.

  • Mountains

    The Huascarán National Park in Peru has 27 peaks that are over 6000 m (19,685 ft) above sea level. The highest peak is El Huascarán, which is 6768 m (22,204 ft) high.

  • Amazon

    The Peruvian Amazon is biologically diverse and home to the most bird species in the entire world.

  • Capital

    Lima, the capital of Peru, is home to over a quarter of Peru's population.

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