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Destination Overview

Popular for Tourists and Expats

Many people only know Mexico for their very popular tourist resorts, but the country is quite diverse. It also has mountains, coastal plains, grasslands, rain forests, deserts, and temperate forests.

Quick Info

  • Currency: peso (MXN)
  • Electricity: 127 V, 60 Hz, plug types A and B
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Population: 120 million


Like other countries, the cost of housing in Mexico varies widely depending on where in the country you reside. It is possible to live very cheaply in some smaller towns, but costs in larger cities are more in line with costs for similar cities in the U.S.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • 1-room apartment shared with others:  MXN 5000
  • 2-bedroom apartment, furnished:  MXN 15,000 and up
  • luxury apartments run from $3000-$10,000 USD per month depending on amenities
Permanent Accommodation
  • 2-bedroom house, furnished:  MXN 25,000 and up

Fun Fact

The national symbol of Mexico is the golden eagle, which is featured on the country's coat of arms.


In order to enroll their children in a Mexican private or international school, parents will need to show a record from school showing that their child successfully completed the previous grade. Other documention needed could include a birth certificate, a transcript showing their grades, as well as photo IDs for the child and parents.

Typical Costs

Average Cost
Fees for American school:  $5000 USD for initial registration fee,   then two payments each year from anywhere between $1000-$1400 USD.
10-month tuition ranges from $1000-$1400 USD per month.
Mandatory bus service for 10 months costs between $200-350 USD per month.
Activity fees are approximately $450-650 USD per year.  There are also additional fees required for International Baccalaureates, study abroad programs, etc.

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Fast Facts

  • Mountains

    The highest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba, a dormant volcano that rises 5,636 meters (over 8,491 feet) above sea level.

  • Sports

    The most popular sport in Mexico is soccer.

  • Official Name

    The official name of Mexico is the United Mexican States.

  • Early Humans

    Stone tools have been found in Mexico that suggest there may have been humans there around 23,000 years ago.

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