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Destination Overview

More than just the United States' friendly neighbor to the north.

Canada is the largest country in North America, and second in size only to Russia. The country is a major tourist destination, known not only for its large areas of beautiful, mostly untouched countryside, but also its major metropolitan cities.

Quick Info

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (C$)
  • Electricity: 120 V, 60 Hz - plug types A and B
  • Languages: English, French,
  • Population: 35,400,000


Rent in Canada varies widely depending on where you live. You can generally expect to find the highest rent costs in the larger cities (Vancouver, Toronto). Living outside of the city will get you a similar accommodation but with lower rent costs. For example, a small apartment in a bigger city will cost anywhere from 850 CAD to 1800 CAD, but a similar apartment located outside the city will run between 750 CAD to 1000 CAD.

Typical Costs

Temporary Accommodation
  • One-bedroom apartment in Toronto: 1,050 CAD
  • One-bedroom apartment in Vancouver: 990 CAD
  • One-bedroom apartment in Ottawa: 820 CAD
  • One-bedroom apartment in Montreal: 620 CAD
  • One-bedroom apartment in Edmonton: 980 CAD
  • One-bedroom apartment in Calgary: 1,070 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Toronto: 1,900 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Vancouver: 1,950 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Ottawa: 1,300 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Montreal: 1,050 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Edmonton: 1,500 CAD
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Calgary: 1,600 CAD

Fun Fact

Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other country in the world.


Canada doesn't have a national system governing education. Instead, regulations and policies are left up to the 13 individual provinces. Parents need not fear, however---even public schools in Canada are top-notch, so with a little research, you will be assured your child will be getting the best education possible during your stay there.

Typical Costs

Expat students with a residence permit can attend Canadian public schools for free.  Those students who do not have a residence permit will have to pay tuition—this ranges by province/territory and can be anywhere from CAD 8000-14,000. 

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Fast Facts

  • Lakes

    Canada has over 30,000 lakes.

  • Olympics

    Canada has hosted the Olympics three times: the 1988 Winter Olympics (Calgary), 2010 Winter Olympics (Vancouver) and the 1976 Summer Olympics (Montreal).

  • Sports

    Lacrosse and hockey are Canada's national sports.

  • Mail

    Mail isn't delivered on Saturdays in Canada.

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